Regular contributor to Wareable.com, & founding editor-in-chief of FashNerd.com, a digital news site that writes about the merger of fashion with technology.


As one of the leading voices translating technology in a fashion voice I have been on stage at Premiere Vision, FashionTech Berlin, Munich Fabric Start, to name a few.


I provide guidance for brands looking to explore the world of fashion technology. By empowering a brand's strength I have been able to help them define goals that deliver results.

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In collaboration with MUNICH FABRIC START, interviews fashion thinkers and innovators like Li Edelkoort, Pauline van Dongen, Natasha  Franck, Marina Toeters and David Shaw.

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On Stage

Rated Top 250 Clothing authority, covering also Textile industry and Fashion, by Agilience, my area of expertise mainly centres around giving keynotes and trend presentations on smart fabrics.

Who Is Muchaneta?

Alumni of the University of Arts, Muchaneta has strong knowledge of the merger of fashion and technology. Focusing on the evolution of smart fabrics, she has given talks at events like #FashionTech Berlin, Munich Fabric Start and Look Forward.

With a flair for online publishing, Muchaneta's strengths include leadership, brand building and digital content creation. Her extensive experience and accomplishments within the fashion industry led to FashNerd.com. Launched in 2015, the digital magazine focuses on fashion and lifestyle from a technology standpoint.

Considered to be one of the leading influencers speaking and writing about the merger of fashion with technology and wearable technology, Muchaneta has been featured in the Huffington PostDeutchlandradio Kultur, Munique (SS18), WareableLaunchmetrics BlogElectric Runway podcastIrish Tech News, Fashion Fusion, Fashion Africa Now, with notable mentions in, Elle.comGlossy.co and TechCrunch.


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"Muchaneta's work as a freelancer at Suuchi Inc. has been invaluable. Her expertise within the apparel tech space has elevated our level of content and is helping us take the company to the next level. She is always punctual, thorough, and thoughtful in her contributions. I have loved working with her and am excited to continue working with her moving forward!"

Elizabeth Sessa | SUUCHI

“Muchaneta is a key player in the Fashion Tech space who writes clear articles that have helped me stay up-to-date with everything happening in our crazy and fascinating  industry.”

Marie Liétard-Montigny | PYRATES

"Highly involved and enthusiastic expert in the fusion of fashion and technology, Muchaneta forward-thinking know-how brings fashion tech to an exciting level, which is quite unique".


“Muchaneta is a wonderful person, smart and involved. I really appreciate working with her. I recommend her also for an inspiring talk about fashion, future and convictions”.

Anne-Sophie Bérard | LE COUP D'AVANCE

"Muchaneta previously spoke on a panel I organised around sustainability and I have also spoken on a panel she organised at Munich Fabric Start. On both occasions, Muchaneta made these events enjoyable and inspiring. FashNerd is a great platform for the often under-reported intersection of fashion and technology and is a real testament to Muchaneta's passion and knowledge in this area."


“I consider Muchaneta's skills and contribution to Wearable Fashion Technology as very important. I would recommend her highly to any relevant activity regarding Wearable Fashion Technology and more.”


"Muchaneta is diligent and efficient with her work and has an inspiring work ethic! A pleasure to work with!"


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